VeCATS has been advocating for Veteran Programs for 8 years now

our advocacy work has garnered the attention of federal and local governments wanting to provide support to soldiers, veterans, and their families.

  • VeCATS has provided a letter to government MPs to support a new initiative, providing tax free services on all approved military installations

  • VeCATS has been developing another initiative to design and implement new legislation to implement a procurement services initiative of 10% of all contracts supporting the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada must go to Veteran Owned Businesses

  • VeCATS has provided provincial Premieres with formal support letters on develop provincial and municipal programs focused on transitioning soldiers and veterans, into provincial workforces, educational programs to address regional skilled-labour shortages, job experience programs, procurement contract guarantees, and other initiative that will assist soldiers, veterans, and their families


Career Assistance and Transition services


Our team has many years of industry experience, we will always provide you with the options you need along with our transition experiences to guide you on what to do. If you are looking for assistance for soft-skills, what industry you should look at, how do I translate my military experience for civilian life, then pay us a visit, we are Veterans helping Soldiers, RCMP, Veterans and their families understand what it takes to seek a second career.

No matter what step you which to start, we can assist.  Don't hesitate to contact us for an interview and how we can assist in planning your second career.  VeCATS also provides industry training on bases/stations/dockyards, designed with translating military talk into civilian terms and how to become part of Corporate Canada.  Gives us a call or visit our offices in Kanata, VeCATS has a new schedule to visit all Military Installations, check out our calendar.  We will accept appointments prior to arrival to ensure you start your transition.



VeCATS' Article on "Family Stress" from Transitioning Out of Service

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4 Step Transition

VeCATS provides guidance and assistance in developing a successful transition plan to civilian live after service. 

Our 4 Steps will ensure you understand the elements required and they provide the two main critical elements in securing employment after your service:




         Job Experience

Not everyone needs these 4 Steps, let us help you plan your transition, send us an email at: